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Pianist, Composer, Arranger based in Melbourne, Australia

© 2018 Andrew James

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Tango Martini Milonga: David Backler and Diane Heywood-Smith perform in the Melbourne Season (2015)

Tango Collusion Trio are the backing band for the stage show Tango Martini Milonga, created by David Backler and Dianne Heywood-Smith.

Tango Martini Milonga has featured in the Parth Fringe Festival (2012), Alice Springs Desert Arts Festival (2013), the Wooded Winter Arts Festival (2013), The Palais Theatre, Hepburn Springs (2014), and played a sold-out season at Sidewalk Tango Studios, Melbourne, in 2014.

Tango Collusion Trio write their own arrangements and comission some from Argentinian Guitarist Mario Matteo.

Andrew James - piano
Leonardo Intilangelo - bandoneĆ³n
Tamara Murphy - bass

David Backler
Dianne Heywood-Smith